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ASK FATHER: Why not St. Louis Jesuit Music at Traditional Latin Masses?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: What’s wrong with the St Louis jesuits? A Director of Music for a Latin Mass community once said that, with regards to hymns, what we sing now as traditional hymns was once new and modern at … Read More

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When Church ‘music’ ditties and commercial jingles collide. What could go wrong?

Maybe you have heard of “Parody Masses”. This is a technical term for a polyphonic Mass that elaborated a melody, often secular. For example, there is the famous Masses by Josquin des Prez, the Missa “L’homme armé”, based on a … Read More

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Darning with faint praise?

A priest friend forwarded me a blurb from the Dan Schutte Newsletter. St. Louis Jesuits Honored Jubilate Deo Award Each year since 1996 the National Association of Pastoral Musicians bestows the Jubilate Deo Award on a musician who has made … Read More

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