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Look at what is happening in the Church and in these USA. A visual image.

I’ve been on the phone talking and texting for a good portion of the day.  A lot of people I know are feeling a bit grim right now, but they know that this world is passing. Tonight I was sent … Read More

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On “Bullshit” and the New ‘c’atholic Red Guards

Today there is an amusing and insightful piece at First Things about the “Theory of Bullshit”… no, it’s a real thing… proposed in the 80s by the distinguished Princeton professor and philosopher Harry G. Frankfurt. BTW… I usually write B … Read More

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Fr. Hunwicke on “The Big Lie”

I hope hereby to draw the readership’s attention to the blog of Fr. John Hunwicke, Mutual Enrichment (olim “Liturgical Notes“).  In particular Fr. Hunwicke posted two entries: (Crypto)Lefebvrianism (1) Lefebvrianism (2) Since I have often been – much to my … Read More

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