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Cong. Clergy rejects appeal of parish priest in Thiberville

From Rorate: The blog Osservatore Vaticano reports that Cardinal Hummes of the Congregation of the Clergy has rejected — with unusual speed — the appeal lodged by the Abbe Francis Michel against his sudden dismissal from the curacy of the … Read More

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The kerfuffle in Thiberville, France seems to be resolved, for now

I read on Fratres that the dust up in France over the replacement of a pastor (who coincidentally celebrated Mass with the 1962 Missale Romanum) is, for the time being resolved… in favor of the people who wanted the pastor … Read More

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A cautionary tale in France

Sometimes it seems that the trajectory of your life is to serve a a warning to otheres not to go down the same path you took. His rebus dictis, there is a truly bizarre dust up in France in a … Read More

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