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Whooping Cough, again

Please use the sharing buttons!  Thanks! Do any of you remember that some months ago I mentioned in these electronic pages that Whooping Cough was making a comeback? Do you have young children?  Get informed. And even if you are … Read More

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Whooping Cough and You

Do you recall that a while ago I posted about Whooping Cough? People cough so violently and so long from this, called “Pertussis”, that they break ribs. Children can die. Whooping cough is very infectious and it is coming back.  … Read More

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Tetanus and Pertussis

A doctor friend of mine is still recovering from a cases of Whooping Cough. She coughed for so long and so violently that she broke ribs.  It has taken weeks for her recovery. I had for a while though of … Read More

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