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On that sobering note…..

In a comment on one of the various entries about a possible “Tridentine” Liberation Day (TLD) frequent reader “Jon” wrote (in case you missed it): Continue reading

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“… a sort of concession somebody made…”

Here is a moment both dismaying and amusing in a piece by the excellent CNS Rome correpondent John Thavis. As you know, the bishops of Canada have been completing their ad limina visits. The bishops of Western Canada were just … Continue reading

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Gratias libenter persolvo

I want to thank the kind person who used PAYPAL to send a gift of money in support of my internet work. He used the handy “Send Money” feature (which, frankly, I didn’t know they had). In any event, this small contribution is much appreciated and warms my heart on what otherwise was a tough day. I will apply it to my expenses for this blog and for the ASK FATHER Question Box. Continue reading

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