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A bishop eaten alive by mice

I bet that got your attention. Over at the Lion and the Cardinal I found a great image of the cruel bishop of Mainz, Hatto II. I was intrigued.  I hate mice a lot, but I hate cruel 10th century … Continue reading

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Eucharistic Prayers for Children TO! BE! DROPPED!

GREAT NEWS: Vatican will drop Eucharistic Prayers for Children (Subscribe to RSS Feed) Washington, Oct. 3, 2008 (CWNews.com) – The Vatican plans to remove the Eucharistic Prayers for Children from the authorized prayers of the Roman Missal.  [Not to be … Continue reading

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Into the Sabine Forest

I was out in the Sabine forest today, behind the house enjoying the autumn leaves.  I had my little camera with me and took some movies as well as stills.  Just experimenting a bit. So, I tinkered with my editing … Continue reading

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A good interview about the US seminary where I was for a while

I picked this up via Stella Borealis, a blog focused on my native place of Minnesota. It is an interview with the Rector of the St. Paul Seminary, where I did two years of the hardest time of my life … Continue reading

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Archd. St. Paul/Minneapolis: Candlelight Family Rosary Procession

Better late than never to post this. Archdiocesan Candlelight Family Rosary Procession; Friday, October 3 WORLD APOSTOLATE OF FATIMASAINT PAUL AND MINNEAPOLIS DIOCESAN DIVISION The annual ‘Candlelight Rosary Procession’ is fast approaching. Its purpose isto unite thousands of individuals and … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: TLM resources for vision impaired priest

A question from a priest reader: Hi Fr. Z. Thank you for your work.  I have been a priest for sixteen months and have a desire to learn the EF, and some of my parishioners are even asking for it and … Continue reading

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Sabine report and many over due thanks

When I returned to the Sabine Farm, I found packages waiting for me from readers who use my amazon wish list. I am over due in thanking those who sent them. I am prompted because Mr. Mail Man on this … Continue reading

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A sad story from Leeds

Maybe its my low spirits today, but this strikes me as so very very sad… This is from Damian Thompson’s blog Holy Smoke. Defiant parishioners carry on mowing the lawns of their lost churches Heartbroken parishioners of the West Yorkshire … Continue reading

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ALERT: to all priests

I just created a new category: Mail from priests Some of the most interesting feedback and news I get is from priests (and bishops) who are readers. I like to be able to share more mail from priests with WDTPRSers. … Continue reading

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More defiance and invalid baptisms at St. Mary’s, Brisbane

An Australian blogger, Sentire cvm Ecclesia, alerted me to a distressing story. You will remember that in the Diocese of Brisbane, Australia, there was a terrible… and I mean terrible… problem of invalid baptisms being performed by priests who were … Continue reading

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From a priest: “I guess I ought to really learn the EF”

From a priest via e-mail: Dear Fr. Z,  Hope all is well.  I am enjoying your foodie kick you’ve been on lately. I have 2 very short questions. 1. I remember reading somewhere (and it may have been something in … Continue reading

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“Many now want to go back to pre-Vatican II but do we need to go back to pre-Counter Reformation?”

This came from a priestly reader: Fr. Z,I thought I’d pass along a piece of fan mail I received after instituting the Benedictine Altar arrangement in my parish. Never a dull moment!Fr _____ Here is the note he received complaining … Continue reading

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D. of Charlotte, NC: TLM report

I received a nice note from Fr. Eric Kowalski, Pastor of Holy Angels in the Diocese of Charlotte, NC. I hope priests continue to write in.  I would like their contributions to be a regular feature here. Let’s have a … Continue reading

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It ain’t astrophysics

About things that are apparent sometimes I use the phrase "It ain’t astrophysics!"

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