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Visiting the cathouse

Here I am at the cathouse. They at supper right now. Sichuan fare will be my repast. Cats don’t block the tunnel but that doesn’t mean they are wonderful.

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Getting out a bit

The leaves are changing here. Beautiful. I am at the library bringing back interlibrary loans. Very useful service. Books come from libraries all over the region. Invaluable for research.

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Don’t lose sight

In another entry I wrote: Now that Summorum Pontificum is a year old, we are seeing that the provisions of Ecclesia Dei adflicta are being implemented. I think we must be patient about implementing Summorum Pontificum. At the same time … Continue reading

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“John Paul The Great University” students visible in CA media

An interesting piece of mail came in. Students at John Paul the Great Catholic University (JP Catholic) are getting on television and coverage in the mainstream media for their ads supporting propositions to protect marriage and get parental notification for … Continue reading

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From a priest: I must “protect myself from persecution and ridicule” over the TLM

From a priest reader west of the International Date Line (edited): Hello Father Z, … I am 31 years old and a newly ordained priest, … and am presently assigned at a parish ….  I know I cannot write a … Continue reading

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Seattle, WA: FSSP personal parish as per Summorum Pontificum

I received this news.  It is posted on Una Voce of Western Washington. The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter is Coming to Seattle!A new parish will be formed, with permission from Archbishop Brunett On September 28, 2008 Archbishop Alex J. … Continue reading

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AFRICA: Johannesburg … Pretoria … Summorum Pontificum

We haven’t heard much from Africa on the implementation of Summorum Pontificum.  Here is some news. Pretoria Latin Mass Group on its way On Saturday 27th of last month, a meeting was held at St.John Fisher Catholic Church , in … Continue reading

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Benedict at the Popes’ old digs

The Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, went back to his old house today, the Quirinal Palace. [flv]08_10_04_B16_Quirinale.flv[/flv] SKY [flv]08_10_04_SKY_B16_Quirinale01.flv[/flv?] SKY [flv]08_10_04_SKY_B16_Quirinale02.flv[/flv] SKY TG24 [flv]08_10_04_Rep_B16_Quirinale.flv[/flv]

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I was very pleased this morning to find in my mailbox another translation of the "Internet Prayer" I wrote in Latin many years ago.  This prayer is all over the internet. A kind soul translated the prayer into … CAPAMPANGAN … Continue reading

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No physical remains of Card. Newman in coffin at Rednal, England

I received a very interesting e-mail this morning about the remains and cause of Ven. John Henry Newman.   4.10.08 NO PHYSICAL REMAINS OF CARDINAL NEWMAN FOUND IN HIS GRAVE AT REDNAL Statement by Peter Jennings, Press Secretary to the … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Rights of students on campus to TLM under Summorum Pontificum

This is in my mailbox. Fr. Z, I am in the midst of a tense situation at a Catholic college, the identity of which I would prefer not to disclose.  The question facing us is: Granting that Summorum Pontificum acknowledges the … Continue reading

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Catholics pro-abortion politicians, canon 915, and Red Masses

Here is an interesting story. This is the season of Red Masses in the USA. Think about that. American Life League Thursday called on Archbishop Donald W. Wuerl to enforce Canon 915 at the annual Red Mass at St. Matthew … Continue reading

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ALERT: Wireless microphones banned by the US’s FCC

Not too long ago after many years of not seeing it, I watched through the series Bless Me Father.  There is an episode when the young priest convinces the old pastor they need new sound-proofed confessionals as we as  new … Continue reading

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