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I love this Pope

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White House lighted pink for breast cancer awareness

Did anyone see the remarkable images of the White House illuminated with pink light to highlight breast cancer awareness? First Lady Laura Bush, a class act, has made this an issue for this month of October. [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V42pJcgSbOI]

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Mass at the top of this hour

I’ll be saying Mass, with the 1962 Missale, at the top of this hour (thus at 22:00 GMT). Please unite your prayers to the Holy Sacrifice for whatever your intentions may be. Ask your guardian angels to be present. Remember, … Continue reading

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Reading Camille Paglia on Sarah Palin

I really enjoy reading Camille Paglia.  Sure some of her ideas are horrifying.  But she is far scarier to modern feminists than she is to me, or probably ought to be to you. And, boy, can she write.   Though I … Continue reading

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Defying stupidity

A lighter moment:

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QUAERITUR: In what color are priests to be buried?

From a priest: Fr. Z. Do you know what the traditional color chasuble is for priests to be buried in (i.e. not necessarily what is done now, but what was most often done in the past)?  I need to write … Continue reading

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Seattle Times: “there were some long days of waiting”

I was alerted to an interesting article in the Seattle Times. Seattle’s first parish centered on traditional Latin Mass By Janet I. Tu Seattle Times religion reporter It was a big day Sunday for the couple of hundred devout Catholics … Continue reading

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From a seminarian: “priests of the future are excited about tradition”

Here is a note from a seminarian, whose identity I am preserving at his request. It is a tie in with my entry here reacting to Damian Thompson’s post at Holy Smoke. My emphases and comments. Dear Father, First off, … Continue reading

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“That one” and sheer idiocy

The use of "that one" by Sen. McCain to indicate Sen. Obama last night during the Presidential debate has created some controversy. Some idiots are making a big deal of this, even insinuating that there is something "racist" in saying … Continue reading

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Honey and Vinegar

From an old WDTPRS article: According to the Louis de la Rivière in his Vie de saint François de Sales (1624 – p. 584), the doctor and bishop of Geneva of St. Francis de Sales (+1622) told friend and prodigy … Continue reading

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Singapore: TLM news

I was tipped to this from UCAN by a priest reader: SINGAPORE  Traditional Latin Mass Draws Young Working Adults October 8, 2008  SINGAPORE (UCAN) — "Dominus vobiscum" (the Lord be with you), the priest says, and about 40 people answer, "Et cum spiritu … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: the seventh candle

I had a note from a priest with a question: Dear Father, I have had a TLM at my Parish, which I celebrate, every Sunday since last November and is going great. But my question is about what I see in … Continue reading

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Holy Smoke: Are traditional Catholics losing hope? – Fr. Z responds

Over at Holy Smoke of Damian Thompson there is a thread sure to provoke some conversation. It seethes frustration. And I have no doubt that in some respects he is right about the topic he tackles.  But at the same … Continue reading