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Please pray

Folks… I have the sense that the world, right now and more than usually, has dire need of prayer. I think some hard times are ahead. I ask you to stop, now, as you read this and pray the prayer … Continue reading

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Mass at the top of the hour (22:00 GMT)

I will say Mass at the top of this hour. Unite your prayers, perhaps by asking your guardian angels to be present. From the votive Mass of Our Lord Jesus Christ High and Eternal Priest (1962MR): COLLECT:Deus, qui ad maiestatis … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Can traditional baptisms be done in English (by priests who don’t know Latin)

A question from a reader: Fr. Z, Thanks for your great blog.  Our strongly orthodox priest at first declined to baptize our expected baby using the E.F. because of his lack of ability in Latin.  He said he would check … Continue reading

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Just an old photo I stumbled on

Just one of my old photos of another autumn.

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Sabine Apple Pie

For those of you who think no one should ever eat good food… … here is apple pie from the Sabine Apple Pie Tree next to the chapel along with espresso. "But Father!  But Father!", someone is bound the query… … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: A priest asks “Day off: Do I need pastor’s permission to say the TLM?”

A question from a priest: I have been moved to [a] parish where I have every third week without a daily mass. I would like to say a low mass on these days, but I’m sure I will get resistance … Continue reading

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Booklets for liturgical ceremonies from the Office of Pontifical Ceremonies

As a commenter posted in an another entry, the Office for Pontifical Ceremonies have been posting Notifications and some of the booklets (in the old ICEL language read "worship aids") for some Papal Masses and other ceremonies. Go HERE.

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Catholic League’s ad on the op-ed page of the NY Times on Pius XII

Has anyone seen the Catholic League‘s ad on the op-ed page of the New York Times?  

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Scranton, PA anti-Catholic political cartoon

American Papist posted an interesting editorial cartoon from the Scranton PA newspaper. Remember that Bishop Martino of Scranton (where pro-abortion Senator and Vice-Presidential candidate Joe Biden (D-DE) is from) issued a very strong pastoral letter about the centrality of life … Continue reading

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Pope Benedict’s Mass for Pius XII – some images and comments

NLM has some screen captures of the Holy Father’s Mass today in honor of Pius XII.  They are kind of doing their own thing over there at NLM, but they sure post great liturgical photos! A real service and encouragement.  … Continue reading

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Brideshead Eviscerated – VILE and, incredibly, anti-Catholic

His Hermeneuticalness has posted about the truly vile new version of Brideshead Revisited or better Brideshead Eviscerated. Do NOT see this vile movie.   Get the older production instead, which is wonderful and true to the book. Barbara Nicolosi at Church … Continue reading

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The Bux Protocol

Some people have reacted to my whimsical labeling of advice from the great Fr. Nicola Bux as the “Bux Protocol”. Fr. Bux, a consultor to the CDF and more recently also to the office of Pontifical Ceremonies, spoke at the … Continue reading

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Sabine views and surprise steak

This morning, as I sipped my very hot very strong French Roast, I enjoyed the rising of the sun.  The intense rays we visible through the barn across the road. The morning sun, with its peculiar qualities, on changing leaves … Continue reading

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