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Pope Benedict speaks up at the Synod on problems and directions of exegesis

A ZENIT story in Italian relates something about what Pope Benedict said, working from personal notes, during the Synod of Bishops on Scripture. I don’t have time to translate it for you alas. He spoke about the need to overcome … Continue reading

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14 Oct: S. St. Paul, St. Augustine’s – The Argument

I will be engaging in "The Argument" at St. Augustine’s Church in St. St. Paul. This event is for men only. I will be speaking to issues surrounding the assertion: Detail’s may be sought from the parish. I understand that … Continue reading

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Mass at the bottom of the hour

Mass at the bottom of this hour, 14:30 GMT (10:30 Eastern US). Please unite your prayers to the Sacred Action.  Send your angels to be present. Also, please pray for a particular intention of my own, something I am dealing … Continue reading

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Trooping the Sabine line

Birds both large and small are here this morning. About 20 wild turkeys trooped the line this morning. I only had the big lens handy, so I couldn’t get the whole line. Still… as a contrast…

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More about the upcoming CDW changes

From Paolo Rodari’s Palazzo Apostolico comes this analysis of the CDW, Archbishop Ranjith situation, about which so many rumors are going around. As you know, there are those who say that Archbishop Ranjith, a favorite of WDTPRS, may be moved … Continue reading

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Progress on the chapel at TAC

I was alerted by a reader about the progress being made on the chapel at Thomas Aquinas College in California: Looks like a Roman church!

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