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“melius vita quae priscos colat”

A tip of the biretta to the Laudator: Seneca, Phaedra 483-485 (tr. John G. Fitch): No other life is more free and blameless,or better cherishes the ancient ways,than that which abandons city walls and loves the forests.non alia magis est … Continue reading

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It happens to every Pope eventually

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For Italian readers: un nuovo Messale “tradizionale”

For you who regularly use Italian or are in Italy. There is a new Messale ordinario tradizionale. Testo latino a fronte. The descriptive blurb: Il Messale perpetuo non solo per i fedeli della Santa Messa Tradizionale detta di San Pio … Continue reading

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Something old and something new at the Sabine feeder

You all know Mr. Chickadee, with his jaunty little black cap.  He is considering his next move as he looks with obvious disapproval at the fare – from just before I went on my eastern journey.  They like the black … Continue reading

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FLASH! Brisbane… again. Jesus isn’t God after all.

UPDATE 30 Oct 08 13:56: The fine canonist Ed Peter’s on his canon law blog digs into the issue of the heretic Fr. Dresser. END UPDATE _____ A concerned reader sent me this story from The Australian.  Read it and … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI’s Preface to the first volume of his Opera Omnia (on liturgy)

The gentlemanly Sandro Magister has provided us with an English translation of the Holy Father’s Preface to his Opera Omnia which is underway. The first volume was, unsurprisingly, his liturgical writings.  As I have been saying, liturgy is at the … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI: “Pitiful Diatribes on Exterior Forms”

At Catholic Culture there is an interesting piece by Jeff Mirus. My emphases and comments: “Pitiful Diatribes on Exterior Forms” Posted Oct. 27, 2008 1:28 PM by Dr. Jeff Mirus If you argue endlessly about this or that form of … Continue reading

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A transitional “ad orientem” proposal

Over at Standing On My Head Fr. Dwight Longenecker has something to say about saying Mass ad orientem. Let’s have a look with my emphases. Here’s a suggestion and question about the liturgy. I was celebrating Mass on Sunday away … Continue reading

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Bp. Boyea of Lansing, MI corrects pro-abortion Gov. Granholm

The dreadful pro-abortion but "Catholic" Governor of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm (D-MI) is now showing her colors. Apparently, Gov. Granholm is in favor of an embryonic stem-cell research referendum which is on the ballot in Michigan.  This is "Proposal 2".  Proposition … Continue reading

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