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Encycli-bites for reading “Caritas in veritate”

L’Osservatore Romano of 8 July has a few articles pertaining to the new encyclical. Here is one of them.  Some folks helped to ferret out the corresponding English. These bullet points were offered to help a reading of the encyclical.  … Continue reading

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L’Osservatore Romano trying to redeem itself before Pres. Obama’s visit? Taking aim at the President?

As you know, L’Osservatore Romano embarrassed itself and the Holy See several times in the last couple months either through direction by the Secretariat of State, or extreme Euro-naivete, or both, as it helped grease the skids for a meeting … Continue reading

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No Latin yet

Well…, it seems my guess was right. Tomorrow’s L’Osservatore Romano.  No Latin text yet.

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How about you?

What is the good news in your life right now? Let us know.  

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An important paragraph in “Caritas in veritate”

I am still absorbing the encyclical, and I don’t want simply to toss snippets around.   But I am being hammered in e-mail to make some comments about the encyclical. First, perhaps not much new is in the first part.  … Continue reading

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Some recent entries

To some of you who are newcomers or haven’t been to the blog lately, you might check these recent entries: Magister helps us with the “Cottier article” and Pres. Obama’s meeting with journalists Fr. Z to Card. Cottier: Check your … Continue reading

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Yes, I know that George Weigel wrote about the encyclical

You can stop sending me notes that George Weigel wrote about the new encyclical.   I am not sure what his beef is with Caritas in veritate, other than that it cites Paul VI and Populorum progressio.  That’s all about that … Continue reading

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The new encyclical

Some sites are posting little excerpts of the encyclical.  Fine.  I want to wait and absorb this a little and think about it before posting too much.  There is a lot going on in the encyclical.  I would rather offer … Continue reading

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French site Golias out Tablets the Tablet on a possible SSPX solution

This morning I posted an response to a query about the validity of marriages witnessed by an SSPX priest (short answer: they are invalid because of defect of form since the priest is suspended a divinis). Synchoronicitously…. if that is … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: validity of SSPX marriage

From a priest reader: Dear Father, I have become acquainted with a family in my parish (Diocesan sponsored EF twice a week) and the parents were married in a SSPX chapel.  My question to you, after having posed this to … Continue reading

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Where’s the Latin?

I had a question from a reader about why the Pope doesn’t seem to use the papal "we" in his new encyclical. We responded that we would wish to see the Latin text before we commented. I looked for the … Continue reading

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Musing as I head off to sleep

One of the criticisms the SSPX has about the Second Vatican Council (and those initiatives and documents subsequently based on documents and the event of the Council) center on the documents being man-centered rather than God-centered.  As a young but … Continue reading

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