7 July 2021 – Tour de France Stage 11, the Monastery at Le Barroux, and wine

Yesterday I posted that Stage 11 of the Tour de France would focus on Mount Ventoux, indeed near to where the beautiful, traditional Monastery Ste. Madeleine is. The monks and nuns of their sister Abbey have revived an ancient vineyard, some of the terraces going back to the 5th c., which had been under the aegis of Popes at Avignon.   The route goes very close to the nuns’ Abbeye Notre-Dame de l’Annonciation.

The monks made it known that the route is taking the riders through the area where their vineyard is. Hence, they are having a sale on their wine (discount code TDF10 and TDF15).

Let’s see more about the wine!

BTW… the riders have to climb Mount Ventoux twice. The stage ends with a descent and the riders will hit speeds around 60 mph.

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  1. bigtex says:

    Bigtex says: git you some of that lay chatoe dew pappy. So bold, it’ll put hair on your chest. It’s even better than champipple.

  2. Charivari Rob says:

    Is there any word on finding/arresting/suing that spectator who caused the Day 1 pileup?

  3. bigtex says:

    Yes, they found and arrested the pileup girl. Despite strong French sentiment to the contrary, the guillotine has been ruled “inadmissible”.

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