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Pitching duel in the Bronx

Into the 6th, there has been a pitching duel: the intrepid and noble Twins 0 and the hated Yankees 0. The Twin have finally struck and struck first. End of the inning, Twins 1 Yanks 0. Go Twins!

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How much?

How much will the President’s trip to accept the doubtfully deserved Nobel Peace cost the American public? In tax money? Self-esteem? Will Nobel Prize and Academy Award winner Al Gore comment on the carbon off-sets flying POTUS and all his … Continue reading

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Another reason why we needed Summorum Pontificum

In the dark days of seminary, we were forced to use a "substantial" bread for the Eucharist that was notable not only for its vile taste but its amazing qualities of being entirely resistant to moisture and its indestructibility.  I … Continue reading

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Sunday Mass

What do you call people from Detroit?  Detroitites?  Detroitians?  Detroiters?  (Okay… I can hear the jokes now… really… I just don’t know!  It’s not supposed to be a straight line.) Anyway, I have had quite a few e-mails from people … Continue reading

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In downtown Detroit check out Henry the Hatter on Broadway. Great hat store! Gents need hats. And you might have an adventure! We did! I came with another priest. We met all sorts of really interesting people too! But we … Continue reading

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Assumption Grotto Church

I am staying at Assumption Grotto parish near Gratiot and 6 Mile, Detroit. I had forgotten how beautiful the church is. More photos will come, but here are a few from my phone. After Mass in the dark church with … Continue reading

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Fr. Z rants: “On my planet…

… you have to do something to deserve the Noble Prize for Peace. Why didn’t we see this coming? They must have been impressed with his performance in Copenhagen.   They must have loved his speech at the UN.  They must … Continue reading

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How to watch the BoSox when on the road

Technology is great when it works! Phones have come a long way. And the same can then be used to say Compline in Latin. There’s an app for that.

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