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A reader sent me a photo of an interesting lawn sign. Someone is treating the Pope in a pretty shabby way. Shame on them. We salute the sisters too. I salute the sisters who are faithful to the teachings of … Continue reading

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St. Jean Jugan

The site of the Archdiocese of Denver has a story by George Weigel about St. Jeanne Jugan.   I confess I don’t know much about her.  It would be nice to know I happily send a biretta tip to engaging Creative … Continue reading

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All Souls is coming

First, remember that you can gain indulgences when All Souls rolls around. Also, take your digital cameras to church for photos of the black vestments and unbleached candles! That means… you priests out there… USE BLACK VESTMENTS and UNBLEACHED CANDLES! … Continue reading

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Brisket anyone?

The latest from the official WDTPRS photoshop wizard Vincenzo. Apparently His Holiness is the driver of this Z-car.  I am content.  I don’t trust him with the Veyron, however. I especially like the idea of stopping at the BBQ shack … Continue reading

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Peru’s Card. Cipriani speaking out again

I have written before about the Lion of Lima, His Eminence Juan Luis Card. Cipriani Thorne.  This from CNA: Cardinal Cipriani reminds State of duty to protect life from moment of conception Lima, Peru, Oct 29, 2009 / 11:38 am … Continue reading

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Firefox problems?

Is anyone else having problems with Firefox constantly hanging?

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WDTPRS PSA: Historical-Critical Nativity set

Even before Halloween, ’tis already the season to toss wet blankets. Yes, folks, we are approaching once again the season of attacking Christian symbols in public. Nativity scenes are especially prized as objects of anti-Christian bigotry. With that in mind, … Continue reading

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Archbp. Dolan challenges the New York Times’ anti-Catholicism

I have seen a sharp uptick of anti-Catholicism lately.   I suspect things will only get worse. His Excellency Most Rev. Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York has this piece in the newspaper of the NY Archdiocese. My emphases and comments. … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI on the ‘digital continent’

I have used this example for years now: Our Lord asked to be let out on the water in a little boat at the end of a line so that He could address a much larger crowd on the shore.  … Continue reading

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Another reason for Summorum Pontificum

In Knoxville, TN there is a vibrant Traditional Latin Mass community at Holy Ghost Church. Here is one of the photos from their extensive archive.  It was taken on the Feast of Christ the King. I suspect Father wasn’t saying … Continue reading

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