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Re-Elect The Pope gear “in the wild” – BUTTONS AVAILABLE

The Committee To Re-Elect The Pope was formed on the day Pope Benedict announced his resignation.
We all, I think, want a man who stands in continuity with Benedict and understands and share his vision about a range of things, including … Continue reading

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POLL: What name will (not should) the next Pope choose?

One of the more entertaining aspects of a papal election is speculation not only about whom the Cardinal Electors will choose, but what the new Pope’s name will be.
Entertaining, yes, but there is a serious side to it. John Paul … Continue reading

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Pres. Obama to Pope Benedict: “I… I… I… I…”

When Pope Benedict announced his impending departure into the sunset, the first thing that stood out in Obama’s statement was that he made the situation about himself.   Someone else had the same reaction
I picked this up from The Right’s … Continue reading

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Solidarity with an initiative in Rome of support for Benedict XVI on 27 Feb

My friend the great Roman Fabrizio sent me an article about an initiative of support in Rome for Pope Benedict in his last days as Bishop of Rome.
At CulturaCattolica.it we read:
On 27 February, His Holiness Benedict XVI’s last evening in … Continue reading

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A saint on the wretched condition of the Church while waiting for a new Pope to be elected.

I have not written much about whom I believe the new Pope ought to be, nor about whom I think the next Pope will be.  Yes, I have thought through both.  I am prepared to talk about them both in … Continue reading

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Another way to destroy the Church where you are.

Hell’s Bible has a piece about one way some people are trying to “revitalize” the Catholic Church in Brazil.  Rather, this is how Hell’s Bible and those who work for the enemy against the Church want the Church to try … Continue reading

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Re-Elect Pope Benedict

With affection and appreciation.
Click HERE for bumper stickers, car magnets, even yard signs and car flags.

And we have to have some Latin…

And just for nice…


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Tu es Petrus

At the end of the Holy Father’s last public Mass as Bishop of Rome.

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Rutler on the Pope’s abdication

Someone forwarded what Fr. George Rutler contributed to Crisis about the Pope’s abdication.  Let’s have a look with my emphases and comments.
Benedict’s Decision in the Light of Eternity
What God knows is not necessarily what God wills. Each pope is guaranteed the protection … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Why can a Pope resign? Why isn’t being Pope “for life”?

I have received a lot of emotional email in the last couple days.  I am a bit emotional myself.
Many questions have been raised by the Holy Father’s impending abdication.
This is from a reader:
Can you please shed light on the question … Continue reading

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