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Role of #MSM in mass shootings: If it bleeds, it leads. Angry @fatherz asks fearful questions

I dunno. What is the role of the MSM in these mass shootings? The networks descend on every mass shooting like vultures and create 24/7 coverage. I wonder if mentally disturbed people don’t fix on these horrors and then copy … Read More

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Wherein Fr. Z rants in the wake of the Florida school mass murder

When man-made or natural disasters occur which result in the loss of life, I have often posted here about the importance of being in the state of grace. In the first LENCAzTs I have done, I’ve used texts from St. … Read More

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Friday after Ash Wednesday: Feast of the Crown of Thorns

Last year a reader has sent photos from the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris where she saw the relic exposed! She wrote: I was impressed by the huge crowd and most went up to venerate the Crown. The service was … Read More

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