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20 Feb – Feast of Sts Francisco and Jacinta of Fatima

Last year, His Holiness of Our Lord canonized young Jacinta and Francisco, the seers of Fatima. They are, I believe, the youngest canonized non-martyr saints on the calendar. “On the calendar…”.  They aren’t on the traditional Roman calendar.  I’ve written … Read More

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Of “paradigm shift” interest

May I direct the readership’s attention today to an amusing piece at First Things?   The pseudoanonymous writer pokes fun at inconsistencies in a speech recently delivered by a certain prelate at a certain well-known English university. As it opens, we … Read More

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Spain: young people dancing a jota in reparation for blasphemy against the Blessed Virgin

UPDATE: It seems that there is a conflicting report about this dance.  It is also said to be a flash mob organized for Children with Cancer Day, or similar.  HERE I like the other version better, but if it isn’t … Read More

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Mega-Masses and too many Hosts

I’m on the record as being, at the very least, skeptical about big outdoor Masses where throngs of people are expected to receive Holy Communion (no matter who they are).   There are… problems that arise from these expectations. One … Read More

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The State v. Self-Reliance

I nearly missed an email note from a reader (because he didn’t use the contact form) which had a semi-jocular solution to mass shooting attacks on schools. “Our solution to the school shooter crisis is Universal Mandatory Home Schooling!” Okay. … Read More

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