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6th Sunday of Ordinary Time: Post Communion

Captain Pearson, seeing the flag fall, called out to Captain Jones, “Have you struck your Colors, Sir?” Resoundingly, John Paul Jones exclaimed, “Struck Sir? I have not yet begun to fight!” Emboldened, the dying Bonhomme Richard delivered decisive blows from all sides and aloft: Jones had sent 40 marines into the rigging with grenades and muskets. Her crew decimated, Serapis struck her own Colors at 2300h. Sadly, the badly holed Bonhomme Richard went to her watery rest at 1100h on 24 September 1779. Jones commandeered Serapis and repaired to The Texel in Holland for repairs. Read More

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6th Sunday of Ordinary Time: Collect (1)

We can do all sorts of wonderful things and not be in the state of grace. But if, as Paul says in 1 Cor 13, we lack charity, the sacrificial love of God that makes our works pleasing to Him, what we do is as nothing. There is no interior reference in the ICEL version. Read More

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5th Sunday of Ordinary Time: Super oblata (2)

Our Blessed Lord during His earthly life instituted the seven sacraments we enjoy today. Knowing that we are human creatures and not angelic creatures, he gave us outward signs with these sacraments so that we could understand when the invisible and interior reality was being conferred. He thus took simple, but vastly important created things from our ordinary lives and raised them to a new sacramental reality. Even the need to tell our troubles to a friend, so common but so important for our well-being, he raised to a sacrament. The longing of a man and woman to be together, instituted as a holy union from the beginning of our race, was elevated making of the very bodies of the spouse something new and holy. The struggle at the end of life or when we are in mortal peril was taken by Christ and given back to us as a sacrament and the daily and common yet life-supporting substance oil was his vehicle for giving us grace. Read More

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