Easter Sunday sermon

I had posted audio of my sermon for Easter here some days ago.  Here is an image.  I think it is obvious that I have been in Italy for a long time.

Easter sermon

And so, in about an hour, I lock the door of the Sabine Farm house and wing Easter to Italy again.  My next entry will probably be from Rome… again.


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  1. Tim Ferguson says:

    Were those the “Hollywood” vestments?

  2. Billie Chiricuzio says:

    Father Zuhlsdorfio or would it be Zuhlsdorafino LOL

    Italians must have difficulty communicating on the internet venue, unless they have emoticons for hand gestures – now that’s an idea.

  3. Fabrizio says:

    Perfect, just perfect. What a sight to these eyes! One could almost
    think you were reciting some Belli sonnets!

    And after all there’s more “Rome” in in St. Agnes than in so many places
    of the actual town…

    PaAadre Giooooo’!


  4. Henry Edwards says:

    I think it is obvious that …

    We don’t need the audio to know you’re not speaking German.

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