The Tridentine clock is ticking

Tridentine Mass at Wigratzbad 1990

Now that Holy Week and Easter have concluded, and we are into the great Octave of Easter, the real waiting will begin.  Did His Holiness intend to "free up" the older, "Tridentine" form of Mass or not?  A comment made in this blog by a participant was very insightful.  In effect, he stated that it was unlike that Pope Benedict would do anything to distract people from the importance of the Triduum and Easter.  I agree wholeheartedly.

So, the waiting begins, again. 

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  1. Michael Jacobus says:

    The feast day of St. Pius V is coming up on April 30th. I wounder if Benedict will liberize the Tridentine Mass then?

  2. CaesarMagnus says:

    Are there any special liturgical things we can do in a parish for the 1st
    anniversary of the election of the Pope?
    Since we are in the Octave of Easter, are we allowed to use the prayers for the
    Pope on the Anniversary of his election, or does the Octave trump that?

    Wouldn’t it be a great Easter gift to announce an indult on the Pope’s anniversary?

  3. I think the Octave of Easter pretty much supresses everything else.

    And I do think the anniversary would be wonderful opportunity.

  4. Juan says:

    But St Pius V Day on the old calendar is May 5…

    Would there be a significance to this choice (versus the new calendar)?

    Personally, think there are more auspicious days.

  5. flabellum says:

    National Bishop’s Conferences throughout the world have been asked by His Eminence Cardinal Sodano, the Secretary of State, to celebrate the Election of Pope Benedict XVI either on the actual anniversary date (19th April) each year or, because Conferences may feel that this coincides too closely with the celebration of Easter, on the Feast of St Peter and St Paul (29th June). The Bishops Conference of England and Wales has agreed that the celebration of the Election of the Holy Father each year shall be kept on the 29th June.

  6. MIchael says:

    The waiting only continues. It does not begin.

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