Paul VI: Nourished by the dewing

Paul VI 1963Frequent WDTPRS contributor Andrew posted a gem, on dew, as a comment to another thread in this blog:

Here it is (emphasis mine):

Interesting how Latin uses the concept of dew in various forms.

In addition to “Ros, Roris” (dew) and “Rorare” (”to dew” as in “Rorate Caeli”) we also have “Roratio” (dewing?)

After the conclusion of Vatican II, Pope Paul VI issued his Apostolic Constitution “Mirificus Eventus” where he declared a year of jubilee and encouraged the faithful to gather with their bishops in their cathedral churches. Here is a sentence from that document:

Deinde templum cathedrale expressa imago est ducenda aspectabilis Christi Ecclesiae, quae in terrarum orbe et precatur, et canit, et adorat; est nimirum imago putanda Mystici eius Corporis, cuius membra in una conglutinantur caritatis compage, supernorum donorum RORATIONE nutrita;

[Further, the cathedral temple is an expression of the image of the Church of Christ, praying, singing, adoring all over the world: surely it is to be viewed as an image of His Mystical Body, whose members are bound together through a structure of love, nourished by the “dewing” of celestial gifts …]

Isn’t that a nice expression? “Christi Ecclesia supernorum donorum roratione nutrita.” (The Church of Christ nourished by the “dewing” of celestial gifts).

Gorgeous turn of phrase.   "…nourished by the dewing…"  Thanks for that!  It brings in both the action of the Holy Spirit and also the gift of the Eucharist, our viaticum in this veil of tears. 

Here is a riff for you: Contrast "this veil of tears" with the working of the Holy Spirit as "dew".

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