I am shocked…. shocked!

While I tip my biretta to The Cafeteria is Closed     o{]:¬)    for this pornographic picture, but do you see anything wrong with this?   They are violating Redemptionis Sacramentum which clearly states that glass vessels are not to be used!   Someone should turn this in to the disciplinary section of the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments!  And … and .. what the heck is that bread??!?  No, no, no, this is very wrong.

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  1. fxr2 says:

    I am not sure of the origin of this photograph. You did not mention where
    it was taken, when, or under what circumstances. I noticed the glass vessels,
    what appears to be a waffle, and more importantly that both “celebrants” appear
    to be women. Looking at the background it does not appear to have been taken in
    any type of church. Father please tell me this “ritual” is not being passed
    off as a Roman Catholic Mass.
    Respectfully Submitted,

  2. GOR says:

    …and on top of that, they have no coverings on their heads! St. Paul would not be pleased…

  3. Tim Ferguson says:

    And it appears that Ms. Bishop there is wearing her pectoral cross with chain instead of green and gold cord, and in addition, has it OUTSIDE of her chasuble, along with an overlay stole.

  4. Fr Raymond Blake says:

    It is a cookery demonstration by a devout oriental rite lady wearing a waterproof saccos and a heavy penitential cross. It has nothing to do with us in the Latin Rite.

  5. “And in the morning, I’m making WAFFLES!”

  6. Cathy_of_Alex says:

    Clearly a violation of GIRM which does not allow for the wearing of trash bags
    during the Mass.

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