Mass in time of war

Today I used the Missa in tempore belli

Deus, qui conteris bella,
et impugnatores in te sperantium
potentia tuae defensionis expugnas:
auxiliare famulis tuis, implorantibus misericordiam tuam;
ut, inimcorum suorum feritate depressa,
incessabili te gratiarum actione laudemus.

O God, who obliterates wars,
and who by the power of Your defense wipes out the attackers of those hoping in You:
come to the aid of Your servants imploring Your mercy;
so that, once the savagery of their enemies has been repressed,
we may praise You with endless thanksgiving.

I note in this prayer the distinction of "we", on the one hand, and "your servants" on the other.  The prayer invokes God’s help on His servants (famulis tuis) and then refers to their enemies using suorum, "their", not "our".  Then, in the next part, "we" are to rejoice (laudemus).  This reveals a concern that we who are celebrating this Mass in this place are mindful of God’s servants who are not present and who are experiencing the attacks of the enemy.  The combatants in the war are God’s servants for whom we are asking God’s aid.

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  1. Jeff says:

    I’m curious what you think of the “omnium circumstantium” issue as raised by Rocco Palmo in his latest post on ICEL… Don’t see your Eucharistic Prayer translations available online any more.

  2. That is a beautiful collect! I guess I didn’t realize there was a “Mass in the time of war,” and I am glad that there is.

  3. This is the Collect from the older Missale Romanum actually.

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