“The Lord IS with you!”

Over at Amy’s – to whom I tip my biretta  o{]:¬)  someone made a comment that … well… let her say it:

I’m wondering if the priest at my territorial parish (which I no longer attend) will now finally stop saying "the Lord is WITH you." He’s not real big on rubrics.

This reminds me of a marvelous quip a reader of my weekly column in The Wanderer sent me.  His priest also blurted "The Lord is with you!".  To which he and others replied "And MAYBE with you!"

And to the writer of that comment at Amy’s I must say, "Yes, one day the priest will stop saying that." 

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  1. Jeff says:

    I smell the sweet circle of life here. The bishops have approved what I believe is the third new translation since Vatican II. The next translation in about 10-15 years will include Thee, Thou and Thy; and then finally the Church will return to Latin :-)

  2. Tim Ferguson says:

    When I was at the major seminary in Chicago, there was a rather large visiting priest offering Mass. When he said, “The Lord be with all of you” a group of guys behind me (who knew this priest well and his antics) responded, “and also with all of you.”

  3. Seminarian says:

    And I remember well once at Mass when the priest said,
    “The Lord is with us!” And the lay brother behind me
    came back with “And also with them!”

  4. Victor says:

    In German, we thankfully still have (and always had) the “et cum spiritu tuo” correctly translated. But we do have two kinds of “you” – the formal “Sie/Ihr/Ihnen” and the informal “Du/Dein/Dir”.
    They say there was once a priest who wanted to be polite and said “Der Herr sei mit Ihnen” (The Lord be with you – formal), to which the lay people answered “Sie mich auch” (sth like “You can kiss mine too”).

  5. Great anecdotes! Keep them coming!

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