What did the Pope really say?

Today in his General Audience address, the Holy Father spoke yet again about the reactions raised by his Regensburg Address.  Here is the principle point (my emhpasis):

“I trust, therefore, that following the initial reactions, my words at the University of Regensburg may constitute an impulse and encouragement towards positive, even self-critical, dialogue both among religions and between modern reason and Christian faith.”


In other words: "YO PEEPS!  Look at what you are doing!  THINK!  And examine your consciences!"

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  1. Father: True dat, true dat.

    Is there a Latin translation of “Yo peeps”?

  2. Pes says:

    In case Father’s Lewis & Short comes up, er, short:

    nominative: peepus peepi
    genitive: peepi peeporum
    dative: peepo peepis
    accusative: peepum peepos
    ablative: peepo peepis
    locative: peepi peepis
    vocative: peepe peepi

  3. I would think that it would be one of those Latin words that only has a plural form, since you never hear “Yo, peep.”
    The singular would be more appropriate in the form of: “Verbum age, canis.”
    (That was hard since I am unaware of any preposition for “up”; had to substitute “go up” for “up”)

    In the Radical Muslim world I keep seeing things that are saying the Pope is a pawn of Bush and Blair and they are using him to incite the Muslims so the evil Zionists will have a reason to attack and oppress the Muslims. (Seriously)

  4. Roman Sacristan:
    How about using the adverb “sursum” and implying whatever verb we imply in English?
    “Verbum sursum, canis.”

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