Hot cup o’ joe

Every once in a while someone sends a nice little perk of appreciation in the form of a gift card to useful stores or some e-mail/internet equivalent. So to the person who sent me the Starbuck’s card, thanks. I am having a very nice cup of coffee and thinking benevolent thoughts.

Gratias vobis libenter persolvo.

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  1. Arsenius says:

    If you posted a current mailing address, you might get even more. Just a thought.

  2. Arsenius: A good point. I can hardly dispute that. I suppose one could send snail-mail to me in care of The Wanderer or to St. Agnes Church in St. Paul. Otherwise, e-mail works.

  3. Phil says:

    Is the e-mail address on your bona fides page a good address?

  4. Yes, as is my address through this blog:

  5. Catholic Lady says: on your wish list shows your shipping address as:

    John T Zuhlsdorf – Wausau, WI

    Is this current?

  6. Ummm–this is a begging post!

    Please, if you will, recomend to me a good homestudy course in latin. I had one book marked then lost all my book marks.

    I’m tired of being a monoglot redneck–I wanna be bi-lingual!

  7. Henry Edwards says:

    I can’t claim to have used it myself, but there are those who recommend the Latin Mass Society course Simplcissimus:

    (Look at units 18-20 to see where it takes you.) As an absolute first introduction, I do recommend personally the little paperback McInerny, “Let’s Read Latin: Introduction to the Language of the Church”, which you can locate by searching for “McInerny + Latin” at Not for systematic grammar, but it comes with an audio tape and first teaches you to pray (with understanding) in Latin, from the Ave Maria and Pater Noster through the Magnificat and Te Deum in the first 50 pages.

  8. Al says:

    There is nothing like a good cup of coffee. Father, I have been reading your work for several years especially the
    AFQB. Thank you for all your efforts.

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