Fending off death by starvation in Rome

It has been a hard week. But at the end of the week… it’s time to relax. It is not exactly Miller time, … we have other ways of doing things.

Tonight I opted out of supper in the house. Instead a friend and colleague came over and, instead of going out to a restaurant, we repaired to my chambers in the fifth loggia.

We were able to fend off death by starvation by means of some Norwegian salmon and nicely chilled Colomba Platino, a Corvo from Sicily. There was also the option of some very thinly sliced San Daniele prosciutto, and a couple cheeses, a very good one I think I might have told you about, seasoned in walnut leaves, and a gorgonzola with herbs. I happened to have a bottle of grappa supplied by the Knights of Malta. There is also some McCallan single malt available.

Not a bad way to fend off starvation. And to fend off mosquitoes, there are always cigars. Tonight a Cuban Romeo Y Julietta. I am only showing the wrapper for the cigar here. It was good. I am finishing it by watching The Cardinal by Otto Preminger. Some fun traditionalist stuff in it. The consecration is going on right now. It was filmed in a church a stone’s throw from here. Santa Maria sopra Minerva.

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  1. Jon says:

    “I am finishing it by watching The Cardinal by Otto Preminger.”

    Cardinal Glennon for pope!

  2. Jim McM says:

    Mmmh. I learned of Macallan on my first trip to Scotland in May. In something like a brandy snifter it is wonderful. PLease, father, take my cigar and refill my glass.

  3. Jim: I will gladly offer another, with a refill.

  4. Father V. says:

    Father, I enjoyed a wonderful “Petrus” robusto tonight.

    It is a mild cigar of good quality, but the selling point is the band:
    the comapany logo has the crossed keys. A very orthodox cigar!

    Father V.

  5. An orthodox cigar with the Petrine keys! How ecumenical!

  6. Father V. says:

    You know what I mean…lol

  7. Don Marco says:

    Prosciutto? Un venerdì? Ma, come mai?

  8. Don Marco: Non soltanto un venerdì, ma un primo venerdì! Notice I had salmon. I had prosciutto also. When you are the host you need to be accommodating.

  9. Dan Hunter says:

    My wife is Cuban and her father,who lives in the States would like to get a hold of a nice Cubano ceegar,I would like one to.
    Can you order them through the internet?
    Also,Father,can you recommend any other traditionally themed Catholc films?other than garbage like,”The Shoes of the Fisherman”?Something more like “A Man for all Seasons”,or,”The Miracle of Marcellino”
    Thank you and God Bless you.

  10. RBrown says:

    The Minerva is my favorite church in Rome.

    It’s been years since I’ve seen The Cardinal. Otto Preminger also directed Anatomy of a Murder–highly recommended.

  11. Argent says:

    Ah, yes, but can you blow smoke rings and chant at the same time?

  12. Fr, John Pecoraro says:


    Ahhh man! I now have to go to confession, I am overcome by envy. A good Cuban cigar and a proper glass of wine, and a bit of other epicurean delights is something I miss out here in the hinterlands.


    Fr. John Pecoraro

  13. Al says:

    I’ve a box of Cuban Cohiba’s I’ve been nursing for awhile…LOL

  14. Al: I hope they recover. o{];¬)    

  15. Movie The Cardnial, ah yes… back when they worried about saving the Blessed Sacrament when the nazis were coming the kill them. We need the old ordination rite back…

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