mp3 shuffle

I don’t recall where it was I first saw this "Ipod" shuffle thing some of the other bloggers out there are doing, so I am not sure whom I must credit for the idea. 

A couple problems had to be over come.  To shuffle my gizmo is not really very easy, since I use it for all sorts of things, data files and the like.  Furthermore, it contains 20G of material, so you never know what is going to come out.  Still I found a way to shuffle at least the directories where I store some music and produced this.  I use a player called an iRiver.  While you contemplate the list, and scratch your head, you can glance over at my view as I put it together.

1) Lo Ferm Voler – Music at the Time of  Dante – Ensemble Lucidarium
2) Mid-Air – That’s What – Leo Kottke
3) Paradiso 6 – Dante
4) Variation 15. Canon on the fifth – Bach – Goldberg Variations – Murray Perahia
5) Victory Is Won – Shaman – Santana
6) Dizzy – Dizzy Up The Girl – The Goo Goo Dolls
7) Lungo il fiume – Stato di calma apparente – Paola Turci
8) 2046 Main Theme – 2046 – Shigeru Umebayashi
9) 疯狂世界 – Ã¥…¨ä½“ – 国语老歌æ–°å”±-夜上海
10) Occuli omnium, gradual in mode 7 – Pro cantione Antiqua – Palestrina: Masses

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  1. Argent says:

    LOL! That shuffle looks schizophrenic. I do love the picture, though. Thanks. It’s beautiful as usual.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think that the blog “Dappled Things” does a shuffle like that.

  3. Fr. Specht says:

    Dizzy up the Girl, indeed! I had to laugh at that. Your IPOD sounds every bit as eclectic as my own. :)

  4. Fr. Specht: Do my eyes deceive me?? Greetings!

  5. Jon says:

    The Goo-Goo Dolls?!?!?!

    Sniff! My hero has clay feet.

  6. Séamas says:

    The Goo Goo Doll is bad, but “疯狂世界 – 全体 – 国语老歌新唱-夜上海” really takes the cake.

  7. Jon: If you don’t like The Goo Goo Dolls, you should hear the other stuff I have here! I should send you a track of the guy I call “Bruceo Springsteeno”.

  8. Guy Power says:

    疯狂世界 – 全体 – 国语老歌新唱-夜上海
    Hmmmmm. Is that “sick [?] world — whole body — national language, old song,
    new gem, one evening in Shanghai
    ” ????

    My Japanese is a bit rusty; and going from Chinese through Japanese into English is
    a killer for me — especially without my Nelson’s New Kanji Dictionary!

  9. PMcGrath says:

    Unfortunately my browser doesn’t handle the Kanji characters. Or the the Hiragana or Katakana, either. All I get is a row of question marks. Could you please explain your selection?

  10. mondain says:

    “疯狂世界”: literally “Crazy World”, perhaps is the name of the band or the album.
    “全体”: “all the members”?
    “国语老歌新唱”: mandarin old song, new cover version.
    “夜上海”: “Shanghai Night”, a ooooooold song, popular in 1930s or maybe 1940s. Here’s the information about the original singer:

    it might be her most famous piece of song. Of course, i don’t think your version is by her voice.

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