Leaving the Sabine Farm

This morning I am closing up the house, closing up the bag, and closing up my all too brief sojourn at The Sabine Farm. I leave with a heavy heart, in many ways, since this place is such a peaceful refuge.

Back into the Roman fray I go.

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  1. RBrown says:

    It’s hard not to expect to find the Budweiser Beer Wagon somewhere in the photo.

  2. Argent says:

    God speed, Father. I pray that you have a safe journey.

  3. Paene insularum, Sirmio, insularumque
    ocelle, quascumque in liquentibus stagnis
    marique vasto fert uterque Neptunus,
    quam te libenter quamque laetus inviso,
    vix mi ipse credens Thyniam atque Bithynos
    liquisse campos et videre te in tuto!
    o quid solutis est beatius curis,
    cum mens onus reponit, ac peregrino
    labore fessi venimus larem ad nostrum
    desideratoque adquiescimus lecto?
    hoc est quod unum est pro laboribus tantis.
    salve, o venusta Sirmio, atque ero gaude;
    gaudete vosque, o Lydiae lacus undae;
    ridete, quidquid est domi cachinnorum.

    I know ’tis the wrong time for the sentiment, but I was reminded of this little ode of homecoming. May your travels be safe, and may you keep a bit of such respite with you amid the craziness that is Roma.

  4. Al says:

    Safe travels Padre….

  5. Fr Peter says:

    Have a safe trip back to Rome father.

  6. Petellius says:

    “Laughter and sadness link us with things long past away and remembered without dishonour; and we can see not altogether without tenderness the twilight sinking around the Sabine farm and hear the household gods rejoice when Catullus comes home to Sirmio. Deleta est Carthago.”

    (G. K. Chesterton, “The Everlasting Man,” Part I, Ch. 7: “The War of the Gods and Demons”)

    Deus caeli det tibi bonum iter et pacem.

  7. Thanks for the greetings from everyone.

  8. tim says:

    Back to the fray, and hopefully to the latest on the m.p.

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