Since installing the word verification plugin, so as to thwart pesky spam, I have seen ZERO spam in the filter.  This seems to be doing the trick, for now at least.   That is a relief.  You never know what horrible thing might get through the barriers.

I hope the word verification has not proven to be difficult for anyone.



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  1. Andrew says:

    Father, I’m afraid that with this particular word verification, not only spam but liberals would be filtered out as well.

    Perhaps that’s the intention? =)

  2. Dan Hunter says:

    Please say a prayer for a dear friend of our family one Father Jack Murphy of Eastport Long Island who in the last month has developed severe arthritis in his whole body.
    Father Murphy offers the Classical Rite mass in his home for anyone who wants to assist,and he offers it daily,in great pain.
    He is now unable to genuflect fully and has great trouble raising his arms during the elevations.
    Along with his physical maladys,he has great inner pain since the diocesan bishop is mean to him,and does not support him in any way.
    Every Saturday Father Murphy goes to the abortion mill,prays the Rosary,and asks the young ladies entering the abortuary to keep their babies,God will take care of them.
    In this brave labour of love he has no support from the bishop.
    Please keep Father Jack Murphy in your prayers.You are assured of ours God bless you,Father Zuhlsdorf.

  3. Jeff says:

    Difficult? Difficult?

    Da** straight it’s difficult!

    I’m tempted to type comments when I have nothing to say just to read the “security word”! :-p

    “Eccelsia Dei” … “epiclesis”

    Once the scanners learn to handle these codes, all you’ll need to do to sort the machines from the persons is install a microphone that opens to the commenter. If the commenter laughs, he’s a person. If not, he’s either a machine or as near one as makes no difference!

  4. Jeff says:

    On the subject of suffering and priests, we have an aged Chinese priest who has begun to say the Tridentine Mass for us at old St. Mary’s in Washington after a lapse of many decades. He said his first on the Saturday, the Feast of the Epiphany.

    This Fr. Tou told us in the sacristy that his uncle had also been a priest in China when the Communists took the country. The Church sent Fr. Tou to Spain, but his uncle remained. The Communists crucified him. And not in the John Lennon sense either.

    Fr. Tou was veeeeeeeery rusty and didn’t remember to do a “silent” canon or a silent anything else, for that matter. His voice boomed throughout the whole liturgy. But one thing that was obvious was that the man KNEW Latin, that he could read it and speak it with perfect comprehension. It wasn’t–as it is for me–a sort of “code”, but rather simply a means of communication.

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