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Today I retrieved Pén Jǐng today, from the pén jǐng sitter, on my way back from the press conference about the preparatory phase of the upcoming meeting of CELAM, which His Holiness will open in Brasil this coming May.

During the conference we learned that, as a new development, there will be representatives from the bishops conferences of the USA and of Canada with full rights to speak and vote.

There was a new approach to questions from journalists: questions were taken a few at a time, and then answered together, and then a few more were gathered. As a result, there was less blow-hard speech making. It seemed to work. We shall have to see if this continues.

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  1. Sidney says:

    Father, will you come to Brasil?

  2. Sidney: I imagine I will not be coming for the CELAM meeting.

  3. Tom S. says:

    Interesting about the US and Canada delegations, there…

    Wonder what that means???

  4. Jon says:


    The tree’s back and Benedict’s going to the Amazon. That’s swell. But what are your spies telling you about motuyouknowwhat?

  5. Jon: Things are quiet. I will dig.

  6. Jon says:


    Thanks. My ear on the ground awaits your news, Kemo Sabe.

  7. Luis says:

    Jon: What do you mean telling “Benedict’s going to the Amazon??”

  8. Miguel Garcia says:

    Luis – I bet Jon’s referring to His Holiness’ plan to go to Brazil, where the Amazon River flows.

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