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About Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. penitens says:

    “Thank you very much for sharing. Now sit down over there, please.”

  2. John Polhamus says:

    “…I said, ‘Sit DOWN’ Angelo. I’ll tell you when you’ve heard enough.”


    “Yes, he meant THAT circle; and yes, he was talking about YOU!”

  3. Ray from MN says:

    Confessions in Bayrisch? Over here! [Bavarian]

  4. Jon says:

    “Piero and I will sit over here while Father Zuhlsdorf reads to you my Motu Proprio.

    All right, meine Zed, let’s git ‘r done!”

  5. catholiclady says:

    “other door” –

  6. Argent says:

    Just one thin mint.

  7. Fr. Bartoloma says:

    “Father Bartoloma and Father McFadden were right here in Rome last week and you didn’t tell me about it?!”

  8. Adam says:

    “These are lovely cuff links, don’t you think?”

  9. Dan Hunter says:

    This gleam of my papal signet ring is blinding that Ricard fellow, who is making some statement about allowing croissants at mass.

  10. Janet says:

    “The check goes to him, garcon.”

  11. Brian says:

    “And rights here is wherez Hans Kung told me I would never become even an auxiliary bishop. Ha! I shouldz him.”

  12. Lynne says:

    “It’s down the hall, first door on the left.”

  13. Peter says:

    “Please put the copies of the Motu Proprio right over there. There is one for everyone!”

  14. Chris says:

    All right, goats over here and —

  15. “Welcome to all you former Anglicans; just have a seat right here.”

  16. mike says:

    It wasn’t me – I’m fasting!


  17. Ole Doc Farmer says:

    “You may park the Sedia here.”

  18. Ken Buck says:

    “This guy…this is the guy.”

  19. Andrew Fanco says:

    “I’ve got a booboo.”

  20. GB says:

    Chris, You’re the winner! Very funny…

  21. Joseph says:

    Alright, I’m going to need all the dissenters on this side of the room!

  22. Fr. Z, take that red hat and get to Los Angeles, Ca. now……

  23. Sevenof Nine says:

    I agree go to SO CAL

    We need you here in SO CAL

  24. Brian Jilka says:

    “Why is Bishop Trautman here? Who let him in?”

  25. RBrown says:

    “Why is Bishop Trautman here? Who let him in?”

    “When liberal bishops come here for their ad limina, I push this button to open a trap door, and they disappear into the dungeon.”

  26. Seven of Nine says:

    OH MAN I hear about that I thought it was JOKE KFC want Pope blessing LMAO

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