Gradualia Romana

There are 160 stair-steps from our ground floor to my quarters.

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  1. Raphaela says:

    Ouch! Can’t be fun having to climb those at the end of a hard day, or carrying luggage, etc. I suppose we may assume you don’t have the option of taking an elevator?

  2. Andrew says:

    Spero vos habere anabathrum.

  3. Raphaela: Yes, there is an elevator, but I often simply use the stairs.

  4. David Cheney says:

    The American way would be to use the elevator but have a Stair-Master in your room ;-)

  5. Andrew: Anabathrum non caret. Non numquam meum usque ad cenaculum scalas ascendere malo.

  6. Paul the Pitiless says:

    Offer it up. :)

  7. Paul: Unless, of course, I am descending.

  8. catholiclady says:

    Sort of removes the guilt from eating those gourmet calories when you use the stairs, doesn’t it LOL

  9. Argent says:

    Ah, but the view from your room is spectacular. And we’re the beneficiaries of your ascents. So thank you for your labors for the sake of our enjoyment. ;)

  10. Tim Ferguson says:

    Argent, we stand on the shoulders of giants :)

  11. Ray from MN says:

    A ten or 12 story building?

  12. michigancatholic says:

    I think stairs are one of the chief architectural features of Rome–from the grand spiral staircase in the Vatican museum to the winding rickety little stairs one must descend in many bars to find the bathroom, and everything in between.

    Spanish steps, climb to the top of St. Peter’s, go up to see the saint’s room, climb down to the catacombs, the Sancta Scala, the Scavi, Santa Maria in Aracoeli……and finally one’s own hotel room. Ubiquitous like coffee, water and cell phones.

  13. michigancatholic says:

    Fr. Are all the stairs indoors or are some outdoors? That’s a lot of steps!

  14. Brian Day says:

    A ten or 12 story building?

    I’m guessing an 8 or 9 stories (to his quarters). I haven’t read enough here to know if there are additional stories above Fr. Z’s quarters.

    My guess is based upon an eight inch rise for each step and 12 feet for each level (in the equivalent metric unit.)

  15. Brian: “8 or 9 stories”

    Unless a few of the stories are themselves very high.

    Fr. Z's Window

  16. Andrew says:

    I think Father is trying to tell us something. This is a veiled message. If you haven’t guessed yet what is most obvious I will tell you: each step represents a day: and there are 160 steps, therefore, there are 160 days to a significant event, and the event is the signing of a … (mp) … get it?

    And we were thinking for a while that this was just some insignificant post! Inform the internet community right now!

  17. Andrew: *whew*! You are smart. Get right on that!

  18. Ray from MN says:

    Coincidentally, there was a cystic fibrosis fundraiser today in Minneapolis where police and firefighters and about 700 civilians raced up 50 floors of the IDS Tower in that city. [basement to 49th floor]

    The report said that was 1280 steps. That’s about 25 steps per floor here. So 8 or 9 floors if built according to American codes.

    Sabine codes are probably different.

  19. RBrown says:

    Climbing stairs and hoofing it all around Rome are probably the reason that my Roman weight was usually 30 lbs lighter than my US weight–despite all the gelato and pasta.

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