Jesus’s tomb

The dopes are at it.

I am watching Fox News via Slingbox.

"Experts" who "believe", suggest that sure maybe this is Jesus’s tomb, but who says Jesus had to rise bodily in order to "rise"? 

Can’t have it both ways, friends.

And this is the channel that brought you me during Papal April and now is bringing you Anna Nichol Smith 24/7.


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  1. Paul the Pitiless says:

    Welcome to Faux News.

  2. I’ve added you to my Catholic Blogs Roll

  3. Andrew says:

    I think it’s safe to say that:

    Perversi difficile corriguntur,
    et stultorum infinitus est numerus. (Eccl. 1:15)

  4. Ephrem says:

    I have no idea how these people get past Romans 15. I really don’t.

  5. Ephrem says:

    Of course I meant I Corinthians 15. (At least I didn’t say Galatians 15!)

  6. Matthew Robinson says:

    As sure as the spring thaw, is the annual Devil-inspired media attack on the Catholic Faith, rising to fever pitch during Holy Week.

    Same old same old. Now I’m just waiting for the annual blasphemous Newsweek magazine cover at the grocery checkout.

  7. Father, just a word to continually thank you for the work you do. I almost wept with joy at
    the pictures of the Altar of the Chair and the staute of St. Peter so properly attired.
    As we sojourn in an ecclesiastical dessert filled with so much decay and self destruction,
    it is refreshing to have a place to go for the traditions of our Roman heritage.

    I am also praying and fasting for the motu proprio. The bottles of Veuve Cliquot are
    chilling, the champagne flutes are ready, and after a sung Te Deum, the corks will be popped.
    Oh, may it be soon. We will certainly have to have a cyber toast.
    God Bless!

  8. Sorry for the typo’s. Forgot to check before sending. Mea Culpa!

  9. Fr. Pasley: Ah.. “The Widow”. Although I hope it is sooner rather than later, perhaps if I am in the USA when it happens you’ll invite me for a solemn Te Deum when the document arrives.

  10. By all means, we would be honored by your presence. Should we start planning the menu now!

  11. catholiclady says:

    Fr. Z – both cases you mention, Anna Nicole and the Jesus claims are driven by the same thing, the almighty $$$$ – we hear over and over the folly of putting our faith in things and materilism, creature comforts, pleasure, etc. but it continues today and the media will present what will get them viewers/readers, what will get them sponsors, what will pay them the big bucks. There was also released on the news today (for what it is worth) a statement that todays Y generation is the most narcistic in history – well that should be no surprise when even our Church hymns are all about me not Him.

    As to why the public is so fascinated with the Anna Nicole and Britany Spears tragedies, I think it is because they feed on other peroples misery and mistakes so they can feel better abuot their own sinning. Those who choose to accept this mew Jesus theory will be doing some of the same. They will be excusing themselves from obeying and believing and bringing even greater focus to life on earth and not in the life ever after.

    Often I have heard you refer to the “small flock”. Well indeed the flock is already very small in reality but not in counted numbers.

  12. Brian says:

    All this fuss is about a Discovery Channel “documentary” produced buy JAmes Cameron, who made the TITANIC movie. Every news story I’ve seen has had an Israli archeaologist debunking the whole thing — the ‘tomb’ was unearthed 20 years ago and nobody cared since “Jesus” “Mary and ect were pretty common names back then. But now, post-Da Vinci Code, as the above post said, it is all about the $$$$. This too will pass

  13. Seven of Nine says:

    Personally I call Fox news Anna Nicole channel yeah that one thing they didn’t challegne James Cameron ON excuse me this tomb was discover in 1980s you just pick it up probably reason Mr Cameron you discover it is post Di Vinci code audience and known fact your film career is in toilet right now

  14. Not a big deal. Notice how much people are still talking about the “Gospel of Judas?” Me neither.

  15. tim says:


  16. RBrown says:

    Personally I call Fox news Anna Nicole channel yeah that one thing they didn’t challegne James Cameron ON excuse me this tomb was discover in 1980s you just pick it up probably reason Mr Cameron you discover it is post Di Vinci code audience and known fact your film career is in toilet right now

    NB: Punctuation is a big help if you’re trying to communicate with others by writing.

  17. Chesterton wisely wrote “People who don’t believe in God will believe in anything”.

  18. Alex says:

    The thing is they allege Our Lady and St. Joseph are buried there too. But I have never seen their alleged coffins. Only a Jeshua, Myriam e Maramene, a Iudah (Iudas) and several other coffins were found. Myriam, Jeshua and Iudah were very common names back then. And even if things were this way: Gnostic sects in the past, anti-Messianic rabbis, and who knows who else could have composed this “graveyard” in order to attack Jesus and the truth of the Resurrection and Ascension.

    It will foster silent apostasy among those already out of the Faith. But scientifically of course the Gospel of Judas was a Gnostic fraud from the 3rd century with pertinent lies in it as well as clear contradictions, this discovery is useless say archeologists even if it is found in future to be “genuinely” 1st century, the Da Vinci Code is a ridiculous conspiracy fictionary novel.

    Who cares? There are people who allege Jesus did not exist.

    The sad thing is that Discovery Channel, Fox News and other channels are promoting and spreading this “found” without the notes of archeologists and critics among it, merely spreading and confirming the erroneous theory of a purely human Jesus, who had children and whose followers made up the Resurrection. Fits a Talmud tale. Sad for the Christ-haters, it is not true. Instead, scientific researches have confirmed simple miracles in our times: cures at Lourdes and the bleeding and perfect conservation of the Host-turned-flesh in Lanciano (Italy) in the 7th century, still preserved (researched and found to be a perfectly conserved, non-rotting piece of heart tissue with intact blood cells)…..

    But some people believe all kinds of things, as long as it fits their hedonistic world view and does not disrupt their immorality with the truth of the message of Christ.

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