We have been nominated

You participants here help to make this blog what it is (which is a good thing…. I think).  Subsequently, I can say happily that we have been nominated in several categories in the Catholic Blog Awards for 2006.  

The list of nominees is impressive and long. 

Here our the categories we are up for: 

Smartest Catholic Blog
Best Individual Catholic Blog
Best Overall Catholic Blog
Best Written Catholic Blog
Best Blog by Clergy/Religious/Seminarian
Best Insider News Catholic Blog

I am not sure what happens if you win in one or more of these.  

I think you get a new car.

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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. ioannes says:

    You get to pick the date of the release for the Motu Proprio.

  2. No that but, you get to WRITE the Motu Proprio AND you get the Ferrari!


  3. should have said: not only that, but,

  4. Okay… I like Cathy’s way better.

  5. Marc in Eugene says:

    Will you keep the Ferrari in the City or at the Farm?

  6. RBrown says:

    Will you keep the Ferrari in the City or at the Farm?

    One of the nice things about being in Rome is that there is a car dealership near Piazza Venezia that usually had a Ferrari.

  7. Geri says:

    Well, there are no losers on Catholic Blog Awards, are there?
    Alan, tell them what they’ve won!
    (At which point, the Girls bring in the lovely meat platter from Rupert G’s “Hello Deli.”)

  8. Okay… I like Cathy’s way better.

    Just keep it to a single page, please, Father, with plenty of room for title at the top and signature at the bottom. What needs to be said about full restoration of the traditional Mass is very simple, best with no complicated conditions or equivocations. (I’m assuming that the necessary acknowledgement of and apology for grievous historical and spiritual wrongs during the past four decades will come in a separate document, since they are by no means confined to the liturgy.)

  9. michigancatholic says:

    Good luck if you’re expecting a sweeping apology. Everyone gets an apology but us.

  10. Good morning, Father. Get your calendar and your pen and gas up your Ferrari!

    You won in a blog category in which the competition is fierce (Praise God).

  11. I did? When do they bring the car? Can I pick the color?

  12. http://www.catholicblogawards.com/2007/ballot_results/

    You get a button to put on your blog at: http://www.catholicblogawards.com/2007buttons/

    Let me guess: the color of your Ferrari will be violet for Lent, right?

  13. Or, you could choose not put up the button and keep your blog humble, the way most of us like it!

  14. Cathy: Thanks for that link. I think I would choose bright red.

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