Some photos of a Pontifical Mass in Stamford (CT) using the older, pre-Conciliar rite, are posted online.  I like this one of His Excellency Bishop Cordileone (great name) of San Diego with all too rarely seen pontifical gloves:

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  1. Fabrizio says:

    Bravo paisa’!!

    (caption for the picture: “Not now thanks. We’ll get to the cannoli later”)

  2. JGKester says:

    That is actually St. Mary’s Church in Stamford, Conn. where His Excellancy
    recently sang a Pontifical Mass. The gloves were borrowed; though he did,
    in fact, bring his own.

  3. Tim Hallett says:

    Next time Bs. Cordileone is in Rome, you should try to meet with him. I think the two of you would really hit it off. He actually called me, long-distance, to answer a canon law question for me and give me valuable guidance. Despite his intellect and learning he is a very humble and friendly man, with no hint of the knee-jerk imperiousness that some prelates exhibit.

  4. John Polhamus says:

    This was not in San Diego, but in Stamford, Connecticut. Bishop Cordileone is the Auxiliary of San Diego, along with Gilbert Chavez, who retires in May, Deo Gratias. Bishop Cordileone has done three Pontifical masses in San Diego over the years, which is both generous AND enthusiastic of him, as well as having done the New Rite in varying degrees of solemnity, from latin ordinary versus populum, to all in Latin (including the readings) ad orientem (that was for Chorus Breviarii on St. Philip’s Day, about 5 years ago). It is true, here, that he is sitting at the throne, which is a bit naughty since he is not the ordinary in Stamford. He did that here under the pretext of being the emmisary of the ordinary, but the reality was that they didn’t have a faldstool. They may not have had one to use in Stamford either. Let us hope to see Bishop C. on his own throne one day soon, either in San Diego, or preferebly in Los Angeles (although I wouldn’t wish that Cathedral thing up there on anyone!).

  5. John Polhamus says:

    Sorry, JGKester, I didn’t see that you’d just corrected that.

    Tim Hallett, he is indeed a most personable man, easy to talk to and very kind, but with steel for a backbone. Bendable steel, but steel nonetheless. The general supposition here is that he was sent back to his home diocese (as a Canon Lawyer) to give oversight and legal guidance to a diocese in deep trouble, and to be a conduit of Roman oversight and information on the out of control situation here in Southern California. He was on the Signatura in Rome for seven years, which gives evidence of his level of operation. I think he’s more Roman than San Diegan at this point! Think ahead for someone with a name like his…what do you think the possibilities are? ;-)

  6. John: Thanks for the correction.

  7. Another bishop may use the Ordinary’s throne with the permission of the Ordinary.Usually the visiting bishop does not ask but the Ordinary will extend the invitation to use the cathedra.I organized a conference on the family sponsored by Washington and Arlington (Va.) and Cardinal Hickey graciously extended the invitation to Cardinal Maurice Otunga and Archbishop Canisius vanLierde when they celebrated mass in St.Matthews Cathedral but he did not invite the Bishop of Ponce when he celebrated.

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