New English translation nearing completion?

The whole reason the WDTPRS project came into being in the first place was to act as a foil to the foul old lame-duck ICEL translations of the Mass.  Along the way, what was a humble occasional project in the Catholic Online Forum developed into a weekly article for The Wanderer, which continue to this day.  WDTPRS has played a small but laser-focused role in a few controversies surrounding the new translation process.

Now we get news from Card. Pell, chairman of the Vox Clara Committee via The Catholic Herald that the first draft is nearly complete.  Here is an excerpt of the article (edited and with my emphases):

New Mass translation is ‘dangerously close’


Cardinal George Pell, the Archbishop of Sydney, is in a good mood. The new English translation of the Mass, a process which he has been overseeing for five years, is finally nearing completion. He has successfully launched the official countdown to World Youth Day in Sydney in 2008. And, since the last time we met, Australia has regained the Ashes.

But it’s the new translation of the Order of the Mass which he is clearly most pleased about, and before the interview gets underway he proudly brings forth a recently approved copy of the Ratio Translationis, a kind of manual for priests on the new translation. As chairman of Vox Clara, an ad-hoc group of bishops overseeing the translation process, the cardinal says the Church is now “dangerously close” to having the first draft of the new text completed. “I’m sure it will prove to be generally acceptable,” he explains. “The worst fears of a few will not be realised in any way at all.” He could not give a precise date for when the new translation will be available for use but said that since the process had started, he had often remarked that completion was just two years away. “That must be coming closer to the truth,” he jokes.

I suppose if the new translation is good, this blog will be looking for work!


PS: That issue of the paper apparently also has a letter entitled: "The Old Rite returns to the mainstream"

It may be much ado about nothing, but if one of you have it, I would like to have a glance at it.

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