Another confirmation of the Motu Proprio

My good friend Mr. John Allen of the NCR*, in his weekly blurb has this interesting quote:

"An April 3 letter from Cardinal Walter Kasper, who among other things heads the Vatican’s Pontifical Commission for Religious Relations with Jews, responds to concerns from the International Council of Christians and Jews about the pre-Vatican II Mass, in light of controversial passages it contains regarding Judaism. The last sentence of Kasper’s letter, the text of which I have, is the key line: ‘While I do not know what the pope intends to state in his final text, it is clear that the decision that has been made cannot now be changed.’"

We already had a confirmation from the Cardinal Secretary of State and other cardinals.  Here is one more.

Many factors affect the Motu Proprio’s release.  In fact, much of Mr. Allen’s article focuses on the fascinating issue of the objections Jewish groups and others have in fact expressed about some of the prayers in the pre-Conciliar Missale Romanum.  Despite those objections, the decision has been made.  This from the Holy See’s chief of interreligious dialogue with non-Christians, Card. Kasper.

Here are other interesting bits in Allen’s piece:

The hot tip now is April 30, the feast of St. Pius V on the Roman calendar, or May 5, the feast of Pius V on the older calendar.

Okay… that’s not really news, but it is interesting.

Mr. Allen is reporting/opining, based on his interviews, that the Motu Proprio won’t really make much difference, either to regular Catholics nor to the members of the SSPX. 

First, not many priests know how to say it.  Well… that could change fast. 


As one American bishop put it to me, "We wouldn’t have spent the last decade sweating blood over a new English translation of the Mass if we didn’t think this was going to be the normal liturgical experience for most of our people."

Third, the SSPX has more bones to pick than just the issue of the Missal being used.

Mr. Allen says:

In other words, the motu proprio may end up as a classic instance of one of those Vatican documents that unleashes a torrent of debate and commentary, but changes relatively little on the ground.

Maybe so…. maybe so.  And maybe not.   Just as a little yeast leavens the dough, so we have seen that the older form of Mass has created great interest among younger priests and laypeople.  Their perception of "Mass" has changed subtly.  The way these younger priests say Mass is affected by their learning about the older form.  More widespread celebrations of the older form (and that will surely happen), will continue the cross-pollination.

You will want to read Mr. Allen’s article in it’s entirety.

* Yes, don’t be shocked: friend.  It might have astonished the many to see the guys from the NCR and The Wanderer dining together and chatting. 

True Catholics can avoid funnel vision and can be gentlemen.

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