That blog award thingie

There is a blog award thingie taking place right now.  Religion blogs are a category.  It is called the Blogger’s Choice Awards.

WDTPRS has been nominated.

I am reading in the blogosphere some interest that blogs with a Catholic focus make a good showing. 

May I ask you to take a look and find a blog you would be willing to vote for?

I think you have to register.

I am not sure what all this means, frankly.  (I am still waiting for my Bugatti.)  

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  1. Henry Edwards says:

    If you follow Father’s “blog award thingie” link above, you get the “Best Religion Blog” page. You’ll see that right now (12:35 pm EDT) the top three right now in this category are ClosedCafeteria with 189 votes, JimmyAkin with 145, and AmyWelborn with 126.

    You can find WDTPRS by searching on wdtprs, or more simply by scrolling to the bottom of the page and selecting page 5 — where you’ll see WDTPRS currently has 16 votes. There are some real dog blogs higher on the list, hence plenty of room to move up now that we know about this too.

    But in order to vote, you must first register and sign in. This is brief and inoffensive, and involves no sensitive information.

  2. catholiclady says:

    There are some pretty strange blogs there too – witch craft included.

  3. catholiclady says:

    I did check one blog I found there and found it delightful. I did not have time yet to read all the old blogs but what I have read seems to be accurate = Ask Sister Mary Martha……..

  4. A big reason to vote is because when it was first really noticed by the Catholic blogosphere, an athiest blog was strongly in the lead. Thankfully, since then, Gerald’s, Amy’s, and Jimmy’s blogs have gotten into the top 3 spots.

    Go out and vote, there are plenty of Catholic blogs to vote for … for which to vote. LOL.

  5. Guy Power says:

    I’m not impatient ….. :^D (oops … that didn’t work). Free the old Mass!

    Now you have 34 votes!


  6. Geri says:

    Catholic Lady, I could not agree with you more, isn’t “Ask Sr. Mary Martha” utterly delightful?

    I cannot for the life of me figure out what sort of person is writing it, but he or she is magnificent.

    I don’t know how to vote, there are so many excellent Catholic blogs now — a REAL blessing, Deo Gratis!

  7. Geri says:

    Ah, because it came up as my verification word, so I’d already typed it, I quite forgot to say:


  8. Henry Edwards says:

    MOVIN’ ON UP! This time yesterday, WDTPRS was on the 5th page of nominees for Best Religion Blog, in 43nd place with 14 votes. Today, WDTPRS is on the 2nd page of nominees, in 13th place with 42 votes.

    Currently, ClosedCafeteria is in 1st place with 202 votes. But is in 5th place with 103 votes.

  9. Henry Edwards says:

    I might mention that some of the nominated blogs, like

    are openly campaigning for this award, like it means everything to them. To Father Z, it clearly means only the Bugatti. But for the record (as of 9 am April 22) WDTPRS is in 16th place, having fallen several places since the campaigning began.

  10. Henry: Yah… and where is that Bugatti anyway? I figure that if I have a good blog, people will vote for it because they want to.

  11. Vincenzo says:

    “Henry: Yah… and where is that Bugatti anyway? I figure that if I have a good blog, people will vote for it because they want to.”

    You need one of these too for nice sunny days:

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