PODCAzT 28: Augustine on the Ascension; Card. Castrillion on the Motu Proprio

In this PODCAzT we delved into s. 263A of St. Augustine of Hippo (+430) which is about the Lord’s Ascension.  I also dig into uniting our sufferings to the Lord, especially in Holy Mass.  Finally I talk about Card. Castrillion Hoyos’ remarks to the meeting of CELAM about the upcoming Motu Proprio to derestict the older form of Mass.

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  1. Hammerbrecher says:

    Fr, The phone number thing sounds good! Like the podcasts too!

  2. Patrick says:

    Wonderful! Thank you. …definetly listening, internalizing and using the works you put into the podcazts. The virtual phone numbers would be great … let’s do it! And…great use of a Beatles’s song.

  3. MikeJH says:

    Thank you Fr Z for all of the wonderful podcasts. Could you or someone tell me what organ music is played at the beginning of the 07_04_15 podcast? Thanks.

  4. MikeJH: That is the grand organ in Notre Dame in Paris. The tune is the sequence Victimae paschali laudes. The album is Grandes Heures Liturgiques A Notre Dame De Paris The disk is interesting. It features the Matrise of the cathedral and also you can hear the bourdon ring, one of the largest bells in the world. If I remember correctly, there is a warning on the disk to be careful with your volume level so you don’t harm your speakers… though I may have this mixed up with another disk.

  5. GPQuartano says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the podasts. You’re part of my morning routine along with coffee and toast.

  6. Paul Murnane says:

    Fr. Z,

    Wow! Another great podcast. I didn’t get a chance to listen until last night. Please keep them coming. I learn so much here everyday.

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