PODCAzT 27: Leo on the Ascension; a Collect; feedback

Today, the Vigil of Ascension, this PODCAzT brings to you a selection of St. Leo the Great’s (+461) sermon s. 73 on the Ascension.  Whassup with transfering Ascension Thursday to Sunday?  I talk about the Collect for the Ascension Mass on Thursday itself.  I also have feedback to relate!

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  1. Jordan Potter says:

    Yes, after centuries of celebrating Ascension Thursday, now all of a sudden it’s just too burdensome to go to Mass on a Thursday.

    We’re so spoiled. As a friend of mine said, we well-off Westerners complain that our golden slippers are too tight.

  2. Andrew says:

    People should go to the traditional Roman rite mass celebrated on Thursday. It’s high time to say ‘enough is enough’. The renewal hasn’t worked and it never will as far as I am concerned. The solution to the liturgical (and doctrinal) crisis in the church, lies in her past.

  3. John Polhamus says:

    I’m not spartacus either, but I AM somewhat impatient (“I’m not impatient” was my anti-spam phrase on this entry!).

    Nevertheless, IMHO Padre, I think you overemphasize both the difficulty of both latin pronunciation and the importance (under the circumstances) of complete linguistic comprehension of the celebrating priest in your concerns regarding reinroducing the traditional mass on a wider level. Priests are not generally stupid unless they wish to be (which more than a few seem to wish to appear), and any who undertake to to bother to say the old mass will probably be trying to get it right. It is their intention that will carry them the rest of the way, no matter how they may mangle the Latin. And as for pronunciation, mangling the Latin never affected the validity of French or German masses, and heaven knows the French and Germans colloquialize their pronunciation terribly – “Patsem” for “Pacem” (Germans)…good gracious!!!

    I would suggest that, like Cardinal Cushing’s singing in view of his infamous chain-saw of a voice, what matters is not that it is good, but that it is done, full stop. It is the praxis that predicates excellence, not the other way around. You know the old joke, “How do you get to Carnagie Hall?” “Practice…practice…practice!!” Likewise it is the liturgical expression that predicates doctrinal orthodoxy among the faithful. Topical varient on the old joke, “How do you get to the Clementine Hall?” “Praxis…praxis…praxis!!” Just do it.

  4. Felipe says:

    Interesting speech and news from Cardinal Castrillón at the V Celam in Aparecida, Brasil. A translation to english here:

  5. Michael E. Lawrence says:

    Great podcazt yet again, Father.

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