Liturgical music reform

Another great one from The Crescat.

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  1. BTC says:

    Given that these appear to be Trappists, perhaps a better caption would be “What the . . . I thought we’d managed to get rid of all that Gregorian junk forty years ago!”

  2. D.B. Prewitt says:

    If the publisher of your hymnal is OCP throw it away!

  3. I’d love to D.B. Would you like to pay for 500 copies of Adoramus, the Saint Michael Hymnal, or one of the others? Some of us can hardly afford to keep the roof up.

    Surprisingly enough, though I do agree that OCP is vile, their Breaking Bread does have a good amount of the traditional hymns, and their psalm arrangements are workable. Their Glory and Praise on the other hand, that has no possible use other than kindling. Bonfire of vanities!

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  6. Cerimoniere says:

    It’s interesting that one of the “features” of “Breaking Bread” which OCP uses to promote the current edition is that it contains more Latin chants than previously. Apparently, they must have got the message that a fair number of new rite clergy and/or music directors would like to be able to include some of these periodically.

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