Fr. Z to appear on HWTN! (Motu Proprio Edition!)

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Holy Whapping Television Network (HWTN): The Motu Proprio Edition


9:00 AM. Traddietubbies. Finally, some quality children’s programming. Four freakish creatures apparently made of felt watch archival footage of Pius XII’s coronation on TV monitors inset into their bellies and coo in delight. Then fifteen minutes of saying goodbye, consisting of intoning "Benedicamus Domino" intermixed with a good deal of baby gibberish. By the way, that’s a maniple, buster, not a purse, so get it right.


8:00 PM. Five Simple Rules of Engagement for Dating the Church’s Eldest Daughter. Fr. Z has a whole lot of trouble on his hands when he’s appointed the spiritual director for an orphanage of giggly French traditionalist girls with a predilection for sneaking off on dates after curfew and gloating about the superiority of the Extraordinary Form to their heathen boyfriends.

8:30 PM. Bridezillas. Tonight’s special episode deals with the care and feeding of your wedding planner and is guest-hosted by the Rev. George William Rutler with the assistance of a bullhorn, a Kevlar vest, and a very large net.


8:00 PM. Seinfeld. Kramer and Newman’s private association of the faithful threatens to report Fr. Curtis to Ecclesia Dei for substituting "Yadda, yadda, yadda" for "in saecula, saeculorum, amen" allegedly to save time.

Yah… there’s a lot more where this came from.

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  1. Patrick Kinsale says:

    Father Z:

    Monsignor Ronald Knox did this during World War II. It was a source of great grace for him and the girls.

  2. Andrew says:

    Speaking of quality TV programming, here is something from:

    A celebration of music and imagery…

  3. Al says:

    It looks like you got off easier than Fr. Rutler. Anything beats a crazed wedding planner.
    Even a bunch of French teens. :)

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