Cardinal of St Andrews and Edinburgh in Scotland to celebrate Extraordinary Rite for Assumption

I received this note via e-mail:

Just letting you know that tonight (Feast of the Assumption) the Cardinal of St Andrews and Edinburgh in Scotland is presiding at the Tridentine Mass at the Church he allows the FSSP to use. 

At the NO Mass today at the Cathedral he preached about Benedicts’ theme of love in his pontificate which has further extended in the Church the extraordinary right – one rite 2 forms he correctly said.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Just to update you – the Cardinal “presided” at the Mass but did not celebrate it – essentially the High Mass took place in his presence. It was overwelmingly moving and an extraordinary experience. There were photographers so I suspect it will appear in the Scottish catholic press.

  2. TJM says:

    Nonetheless, this is a very happy development. When the top guy
    celebrates or presides, that action sends a very
    powerful message. Tom

  3. ben whitworth says:

    Astonishing. When they were appointed, people thought Conti was the traddie and O’Brien the squidgy
    liberal. O’Brien has been a lion in opposing the culture of death – suffering vicious personal attacks
    from the UK press in the process.

  4. Chris Garton-Zavesky says:

    Is this bishop the one whom tradition-minded Catholics knew to be one (more) of John Paul II’s blunders?

  5. Mark says:

    It was absolutely wonderful. I couldn’t stay for the talk afterwards, but will ask around.

    I’ve just seen your post on Abp. Conti; quite upsetting after tonight.

  6. fr.franklyn mcafee says:

    It was the Cardinal who dissented from church teaching before he was named cardinal and Conti who was the defender of the magisterium.Then JPII made the cardinal elect publicly proclaim his belief in what he had previously denied and he received the cardinal’s hat and has ever since a Athanasius in defendin those same teachings.It shows we cannot always judge the inner man by what he does exteriorly.This is a remarkable reversal in regards to both men.I was upset that JPII named O’Brien rather than Conti but the Pope was right.

  7. Craigmaddie says:

    I very much wanted to be there last but had other commitments. The weekly Traditional Latin Mass in Edinburgh has really grown in popularity. Sadly, there is less warm feeling towards the 1962 Missal in my own home of Glasgow…

  8. Marcin says:

    I have always thought that cardinals are of the Holy Roman Church, not of St Andrews and Edinburgh. In any instance a wonderful news, though.

    (I know, I know…)

  9. Craigmaddie says:

    A friend of mine stayed for the talk and her comment was, “the Church is safe in his hands”.

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