You people have worn me out!

I just finished reading through nearly 200 comments posted to this entry.

I am truly amazed by your responses.  Some of the comments are fascinating!

I glossed some of them in red.

Thanks for the generous response to my query.  I never expected such an outpouring of experiences and thoughts.

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  1. danphunter1 says:

    Thousands of people will love the Mass of all Ages very soon. For they will be able to assist at it everywhere.
    Deo Gratias

  2. Barbara Swan says:

    I hope it’s all right to post another comment regarding my love of the Extraordinary Rite. I have already moved once to be nearer to Mater Ecclesiae Mission in Berlin, NJ and I will be moving again next year (God willing) to be even closer (less than my now 30+ mile one-way trip.)

    The NO may have its adherents and admirers but I doubt any of them would ever consider it worth moving for.

    Also, I am glad in some ways the ER was “suppressed” as it were because now those who celebrate it are no longer under compulsion. What I mean by this is is those who are now devoted to the ER are willing to reach for perfection in its celebration (although they will always fall short this side of heaven.) Pre-Vatican II there must have been some very lax Masses because the priests and the faithful had no other choice.

    I must admit, however, that I have had a few “bad” experiences with the ER, most notably the unnamed parish I recently visited because it is nearer my home. It was a not so beautifully rendered Low Mass with the server calling out the responses in a loud, staccato monotone that was more reminiscent of someone calling Bingo.

    My greatest fantasy would be to win the Powerball or Megamillions Lottery and be able to build a magnificent full sized Church at Mater Ecclesiae. I feel that in the very near future they will outgrow their tiny chapel. I hope everyone can move there!

  3. Andy K. says:

    Dear Fr. Z.,

    Thank YOU for requesting our responses. Reading them, as you said, has been edifying. I am most appreciative of the ground rules you laid out, as such a thread can easily become an “I’m right; you’re wrong” entry.

  4. rose michael says:

    Dear Fr. John that you for your many articles you write and for this blog site. We love the Latin Mass and are so very joyful that Our Holy Father released it for us faithful to again pray. It seems to be Providential for our times. God Bless you+

  5. Diane says:

    Let me get this straight. Fr. Z says that WE wore him out. Oy vey! If he only knew how many times I got worn out just by satisfying my addiction to read more here.

    I just……..offer it up.


  6. Fr. Z,

    Many of the comments could be of great use. In particular, those comments that touched on criticisms of the older form of Mass could help to improve conditions under which it is celebrated. I noticed that a few people commented on the lack of community among those who attend the old Mass, clearly underscoring the need to intergrate the old Mass into normal parish life, and to establish personal parishes and oratories, staffed by priests who take an active role in those parish communities.

    Some other comments noted problems with the celebration itself, such as those Masses where the priest rushes the Latin (thankfully I have been blessed with a Mass where the priest speaks at a pace where the beauty of the language can be fully appreciated). Others brought up issues of superiority and elitism among those who attend the older form of Mass- this must cease if any progress is to be made.

    Thank you for allowing us to express our thoughts and opinions, and for taking the time to read them all. I’m sure you have created a caluable resource for all of us.

    – Jonathan

  7. Mark says:

    “I got a gloss; YAY”

    No, seriously, Father, I thought this might wear you out. I often follow blogs that I comment on via a special website, but this one was wearing me out! I really appreciate you going through all our comments.

  8. Chironomo says:

    I was leading a rehearsal for my cantors yesterday evening, and one of them, an older gentleman, commented that he had attended the TLM at St. Martha’s in Sarasota, FL the past Sunday. Although this Mass has been in existence for nearly 10 years now, it has recently been assigned to a new FSSP Priest who has been brought here by our Bishop, Frank Dewane. Th interesting comment he made was about the homily. He said that the Priest, Fr. Fryar (I know…no chuckling!) said during the homily that he believes strongly that not only will the latin language see a great resurgence in all Catholic liturgy, he also believes strongly that the “extraordinary form” will very quickly establish itself in the liturgical life of the church. This was very uplifting news coming from someone who is, in the truest sense, out there “in the trenches”.

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