Am I being unfair?

Everyone: A few people have written to me to share their views that I have been unfair to a few of the statements of the Motu Proprio from bishops or officials of dioceses.  This view has also been posted respectfully on a couple blogs. 

I know this blog gets a lot of attention now.  The stats make me shiver once in a while, as a matter of fact. 

Friends, I call ’em as I see ’em.  If I find that I am wrong about something, or I am given more information which might cause me to change my mind, I not only change my mind, I post that I have, or I make corrections.

I am getting hundreds of e-mail a day, so if you send something and don’t see me react to it, that means I either read it and didn’t think it needed action or I just didn’t see it.  Silence doesn’t mean I don’t care.

Also, in making comments on the statements about Summorum Pontificum it is my intention only to comment on the positions expressed.  Sometimes I slip on that here and there, but I try to go back and correct my comments if I stray into attacks on the people who wrote them.  It isn’t my intention to be harsh toward people.  But I think positions are fair game.

That said, it seems to me that when diocesan statements betray a very different attitude than that of Summorum Pontificum, or they include things clearly contrary to its provisions, we mustn’t just take it lying down any more.  I think we have to defend the Motu Proprio by raising the issues when we see them. 

We have that right, and so long as we do so respectfully, and with an eye both to justice and charity, we do everyone a service.

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