Do I detect a slight lack of interest? Or is it something else?

The Vatican website sometimes raises questions.

If you look at the online profile of the Pontifical Commission "Ecclesia Dei" you find that

The commission has a president, Cardinal Angelo Felici, a secretary, Msgr. Camille Perl, and several assistants. A group of “permanent experts” composed of representatives of the dicasteries concerned offer their advice and expertise.

If memory serves, Darío Card. Castrillón Hoyos has been the President since A.D. 2000.  Also there is now an adjunct Secretary who should be listed, Msgr. Mario Marini.

On the other hand, we can zip over to the online profile of the Pontifical Committee for International Eucharistic Congresses.

Presidente: Mons. Piero MARINI

I believe Archbp. Marini was appointed to that post on 1 October of this year. 

"Everything’s up to date at San Callisto… "

I sense a parody song.  TF?  Where are you?

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  1. Berolinensis says:

    I think we need not be overly suspicious. The Vatican website is overall not very up-to-date. According to the profile of the Pontifical Biblical Commission, its President is Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger.

  2. Vincenzo says:

    Did they ever post an official English translation of Summorum Pontificum?

  3. Dob says:

    Not only out of date, but the style????
    It’s the inverted commas that make me laugh. It comes across as really shirty.

    In this case, the commission can indicate to the local bishop a way to meet these faithful or advise them of the need to “respect the just aspirations of these faithful.”

    On the other hand this could be just the English version. Guess what….Yep. Gremlins at it again.

  4. Steve says:

    And Cardinal Felici isn’t just emeritus, he’s been dead for seven years…

  5. Louis E. says:

    No,Cardinal Felici died in June.In 2000 he retired as head of Ecclesia Dei (like every president Ecclesia Dei has ever had he stayed on past his 80th birthday).

  6. Steve says:

    That’s my point. Not emeritus, dead.

    6/2000 – 11/2007 indicates that he’s been dead for seven years.

  7. Louis E. says:

    He died June 17th 2007…he has been dead for five months after being retired for seven years.

  8. Steve says:


    I sit corrected. I totally misread your comment and, indeed, had erroneous info in my original post.

    My apologies

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