NZ: TLM established in Dunedin

Here is a piece of news from the New Zealand Catholic to cheer you.   

Old rite again in Dunedin
Saturday 17 November 2007
by Jeff Dillon

DUNEDIN – The first Sunday of November saw a new beginning in Dunedin with the celebration of the Mass according to the 1962 Missal promulgated by Pope John XXIII.
This form of the Mass has been termed the extraordinary form of the Roman rite by Pope Benedict XVI in his July 7 motu proprio Summorum Pontificum. Bishop Colin Campbell of Dunedin has established a weekly Sunday Mass in Dunedin for those who wish to attend this form of the Mass.

This Mass in Latin replaces the previous monthly celebration of this form of the Roman rite which was held on the first Saturday of the month.

A congregation of 45 people attended the first Sunday celebration, predominantly young families and students.

The new weekly celebration is in the former Dominican Priory chapel next to St Joseph’s Cathedral at 8.30am, with Fr Kevin McKone as celebrant.

Brick by brick! 

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  1. Ave Maria says:

    “A congregation of 45 people attended the first Sunday celebration, predominantly young families and students.”

    Small but encouraging! This is the kernal of our future!

    I hope to one day have the opportunity to attend the EF myself in my
    own diocese. God only knows when that will be.

  2. ljf says:

    How encouraging. We are still waiting in the Diocese of Gaylord to have a T-Mass said here. We have a competent priest, trained altar servers, and even a choir. Pray for us….how wonderful it would be
    to have the opportunity to share the beauty and awe of the T-Mass.

  3. Fr Clement says:

    Unfortuantely, I hear that Father has surprised and saddened one family who have known him a long time by producing ‘modernist’ sounding sermons. Maybe that is a result of pressure from the Bishop but it seems to be a mixed blessing at the moment.

  4. clb says:

    I notice that Fr Clement is from the “Transalpine Redemptorists”. Maybe, given their irregular situation in relation to the Church, the TRs have been encouraging people to hear ‘modernist’ sounds where there are none. It is groups like the TRs that do great damage to the Traditional Latin Mass by turning so many otherwise interested people off. At this time in the Church there is enough division without more being added in the name of tradition!

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