USCCB website about marriage:

Check this out!

The USCCB has put together an interesting website about marriage.  It aims at a very broad Catholic understanding of marriage.

They are talking about this site at the meeting as I watch.

The wonderful question is asked:

What have you done for your marriage today?

Some good and at times amusing videos are available.

They provide resources, DVD’s, videos, pamphlets, mostly in English and they are preparing Spanish.

Check this site.  Give them a bump to their stats.

I can only applaud the USCCB for making better use of the tools of communication!  They will be adding billboards to this campaign!  All the billboards can be adapted to local churches.

If the bishops used our money to focus on this sort of campaign, I don’t think anyone would object to their budget.  Certainly better to talk about  marriage (a sacrament in crisis) than waste everyone’s time opining all sorts other things less germane to their vocations.

I urge priests with parishes right away to talk about this website in their parish bulletins if they haven’t already.

Send the USCCB committee you saw the site, and tell ’em Fr. Z sent you!

Here is a resource page.

For more information about the For Your Marriage Campaign, members of the media should contact: 

Sr. Mary Ann Walsh, RSM
Director of Media Relations
US Conference of Catholic Bishops


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  1. Jeff Pinyan says:

    It aims at a very broad Catholic understanding of marriage.

    I almost missed the word “Catholic” in that sentence.

  2. kori says:

    I just SAW one of those billboards! I couldn’t figure out what is was for.
    Looked like a protestant marriage counseling ad. Oh well!

  3. Bill Haley says:

    Fr. Z,

    Have you seen Leon Suprenant’s comments on the marriage site? I think he shows some substantial flaws in the site.

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